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Schools and colleges

  • The range of this framework is quite impressive. It provides aims and learning outcomes for four distinct phases of learning: Key Stage 2 (age 7-11); KS3 (11-14); KS4 (14-16) and Post-16 (16-19).
  • The learning is clearly articulated and becomes progressively more complex through the stages. There is a strong focus on helping people make decisions. For example, 4.6 is concerned with helping learners make judgements about sources of information and advice (p.26).
  • It also contains some innovative ideas such as helping Post-16 learners interview individuals about how they carried out their career decisions (p.21) and helping KS2 learners analyse stories in the media about how people feel when they are unemployed (p.6). There are links here with some of the ideas discussed later in this module.
  • It does not contain detailed examples of individual sessions and materials.

Higher education

  • This is a more specific example. It contains detailed examples of eight sessions.
  • Aims, learning outcomes, methods and assessment are clearly shown. Materials are provided in several cases such as sources and exercise sheets.
  • Theoretical underpinnings are made plain.
  • Editorial decisions have been made to present text clearly using pictures and images as appropriate.
  • It does not contain any analysis of C-RL across the higher education sector.


  • Jackson (2008) provides a neat overview of C-RL across workplace and community contexts.
  • A range of locations are identified including: large employers, SMEs, trade unions, outplacement, self-help/peer support, professional bodies and recruitment consultancies.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the provision are analysed.
  • There is little detail on the precise C-RL offer in each context. Hirsh (2008) addresses this to a certain extent by specifying forms of career helping and developing a helpful 'web' of support in relation to the workplace (pp. 20-21).

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