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Critical pedagogy

Here, we will continue our work on session design. The work of Roger Simon and colleagues has been selected because it demonstrates how to develop a critical approach to C-RL in a practical fashion. With its emphasis on the evaluation of experience, it provides an interesting and stimulating contrast to many of the examples you will find elsewhere in the career development literature and in practice.
Critical pedagogy (Powerpoint Presentation) (plays with a narrative in Slideshow mode)
Also availabe as a video below (Video clip)

Please read the chapter from Simon, Dippo & Schenke (1991) on self assessment included in the core reading. This includes a worked example of a C-RL session taking a fresh and radical look at that staple of career education: computer-aided guidance. See Smyth (2011) in the further reading for more on critical pedagogy. For a contrast to critical pedagogy, see Mezirow (2009) on transformative learning and Rogers (1994) on person-centred learning.