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Experiential learning

We will now move to the design of individual C-RL sessions. These are the building blocks of any programme. David Kolb's theory of experiential learning has been selected because it seeks to integrate ideas from educational and psychological perspectives. It also pays attention to the process of knowledge creation and the links between career, learning and identity.
Experiential learning (Powerpoint Presentation) (plays with a narrative in Slideshow mode).
Also available as a video below (Video clip)


Please read the chapter from Kolb (1984) on the learning process included in the core reading. This includes a summary of his theory of learning encapsulated in the experiential learning cycle. There are links between this and, in the further reading, the work of Law (1996 & 1999) on career learning and Mitchell & Krumboltz (1996) on social learning. Also see Lave & Wenger (1991) on situated learning for a contrast.