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Getting started

Welcome to the Career-Related Learning module

The main focus of this module is on the creative integration of theory and practice in career-related learning i.e. our own learning and the many ways we can facilitate this learning in others. Career-related learning takes place via one-to-one discussions, group activities, courses, online activities, events and reading. This view of our work will enable you to facilitate career-related learning in many contexts and roles. In addition to the workshop, the teaching materials consist of online coursework, the forum, core & further reading and the assignment tasks. In the online space, you will find online lectures, pdf documents, independent activities, reading, forum exercises and a detailed assignment brief. Tutorial support is available to all students.

Saying hello in the forum
The forum is used thoughout the module to enable informal communication, responses to exercises and formative assessment. It is our space and only module registrants and staff can see our posts. As a first step, you will shortly be asked to introduce yourself in the forum.

Using the online lectures
As you will see, the core module content is partly delivered via a series of online lectures.

  • The online lectures are provided as WMV files and can play on most devices.
  • You can use the play bar to control playback and toggle between part and whole screen viewing.
  • The lectures are also provided in Powerpoint as the slides can be printed for viewing offline.
  • Note that in Powerpoint the audio will only play in Powerpoint 2010 or later so you are advised simply to read the slides in Normal view if using an earlier version. If using Powerpoint 2010, it is possible to listen to the slides in Slideshow mode and then re-read in Normal view. When using Slideshow mode, the slides should be advanced manually using the mouse if they do not advance automatically within 1 or 2 seconds.

Core and further reading
There are core readings linked to each of the online lectures. All the core readings are provided in electronic format in the Core and further reading section. Further reading is signposted throughout the module and is listed below the core reading. Further reading is not supplied as the online lectures, workshop and core reading are designed to be self-contained.

At the workshop, we will use additional materials and activities to enage with the creative design, assessment and evaluation of career-related learning. The workshop usually runs in November.

There are a number of activities threaded through the module. These are usually indicated by a blue box similar to this one!

You are entitled and encouraged to have at least one tutorial as part of this module. Further tutorials can also be discussed as the need arises. Please see details in the Assignment page.

Typical progress through the module
Month 1: say hello on the forum, engage in initial reading and attend workshop
Month 2: participate in formative assessment activity
Month 3: arrange a tutorial with module leader
Month 4: further reading and case studies
Month 5: completion of summative assignment

The module home page acts as an anchor and can be used as a base for navigating around the module. The sections within it are designed to be used in the order shown. The main sections in total entail approximately fifteen guided learning hours (excluding the summative assignment). This is intended as a very rough guide to aid in planning your time. We hope that you find the module relevant, stimulating, and above all enjoyable!

Best wishes

Phil & Catherine