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Person-centred learning

Continuing our work on session design, the ideas of Carl Rogers on person-centred learning have been selected because of his emphasis on human relations in the facilitation of learning. This perspective also provides a useful contrast to more cognitive approaches to learning.
Person-centred learning (Powerpoint Presentation) (plays with a narrative in Slideshow mode)
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Please read the chapter from Rogers (1994) in the core reading on the importance of the interpersonal relationship in the facilitation of learning. This can be linked with the material on the working alliance we will encounter later. In the further reading, see Cornelius-White, Motschnig-Pitrik & Lux (2013) for more on interdisciplinary applications of the person-centered approach. For a contrast, see Simon, Dippo & Schenke (1991) and Northedge (2003).