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Well done for getting this far! This page is designed to help with understanding and revision. Starting with career-related learning in contexts (schools, colleges, universities, employment), we have covered the following areas:

  • Experiential learning
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Person-centred learning
  • Concept mapping
  • Working alliance
  • Constructive alignment
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • E-learning

A summary of the key concepts is provided in the attached table(Word Document).

This is a key review point in the module. Please check the table and consider the following questions:
1/ How clear is your understanding of the key concepts?
2/ Can you start to use these key concepts to design a programme of career-related learning?
3/ Do you have any questions so far?
Feel free to post any queries or comments you may have in the Forum as it is quite likely that others will also be interested. Individual tutorial support is also available.