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Identity & Adaptability

Hall and Chandler suggest that individuals with a clear sense of calling will posess career metacompetencies of identity and adaptability. This keynote address by Mark Savickas is a useful introduction to both of these areas. Savickas, whose work on narrative approaches and career construction was considered in the Career Development Theories module, has gone on to develop 'Life Design' as a constructivist approach to career counselling. He has also written extensively about his identified 'Career Adapt-abilities'. In this address at the 'Life Designing and Career Counselling: Building Hope and Resilience' in Italy in July 2013 he offers a historic perspective on career development which culminates with an exposition of both adaptability and identity as key current concepts. Identity is explicitly linked to calling.

Extension activities
Further resources, if this area is of interest, are:
Savickas, M.L. (2013) 'Career Construction: Theory and Practice' in RW Lent and SD brown (eds) Career Development and Counselling: Putting theory and research to work (2nd edn): 147-138. Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley and sons
This chapter, which we have permission to circulate and is available here.
Frigerio, G. (2013) ' Career Adaptabilities: testing a new approach to supporting student career developmenti Graduate Market Trends, Spring 2013
My own article in Graduate Market Trends provides an overview of Career Adapt-abilities and details some work I am involved with to integrate this with Higher Education Career and Employability work. It is available here.
Ibarra, H. (2003) 'Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing your Career'. Boston (MA), Harvard Business School Press. A summary article is also available here.