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When career is a calling

Your reading pack contains an article by Hall & Chandler (2005) which gives rise to this and the next three sections (6-8). It formed part of a special issue looking at career success and links with the wider organisational career studies literature.

Psychological Success: When Career is a Calling
Hall & Chandler argue for the interdependence of the objective and subjective career using the subjective construct of 'calling' to connect the two. They locate their work with the emerging trend of 'positive organizational scholarship', linked with positive psychology (see section 8). They argue that individuals with a sense of calling (which they describe from both a religious and secular viewpoint) will possess career metacompetencies of identity and adaptability which will help them navigate complex career terrain. They go on to consider a case study, propose a model and articulate a number of propositions about the interaction of subjective and objective career success.


Read the Hall & Chandler article and consider:
* How convincing do you find the overall argument?
* The model they propose in fig 3.
* The relationship between objective and subjective success and transition.
* The question they pose "Is calling a luxury that only those born to privilege can experience?"