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Some examples of research topics

Most topics connected with career and work-related learning can be pursued. The list below includes some recent examples of student work. Note that this is not intended as a definitive or prescriptive list.

  • A labour market study on opportunities for students in the fields of social work and chemical dependency counselling
  • An evaluation of an online career management tool
  • Institutional case study informed by selected career development theories
  • Graduate recruiters and expressed needs for creativity
  • Marketing a specific university careers service
  • Gender inequality and science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) careers
  • Employability and the curriculum: a case study
  • International students and career decision-making
  • Developing the employabilty of students at a selected institution
  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and research staff
  • Career information and learning
  • Career education project
  • Career coaching and career counselling: a comparative study
  • An evaulation of two contrasting approaches to career counselling
  • Medical careers and career development learning
  • Career literacy: a new appproach to career learning
  • Improving services for clients with disabilities
  • The evolution of the graduate labour market
  • Career development learning needs of foundation degree counselling students
  • First and second generation students in higher education and career development learning
  • Information technology in careers work
  • Career decision-making styles and career adaptability
  • The career support needs of postgraduate researchers