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Journals activity

You are asked to locate and read closely two articles from peer-reviewed journals using the Warwick e-journals collection. This exercise will familiarise you with the e-journals facility and develop skills in reading and interpreting two contrasting research projects. This is intended to help with designing the research proposal and critically analysing literature. The articles are:

Gracia, L. (2009) Employability and higher education: contextualising female students' workplace experiences to enhance understanding of employability development, Journal of education and work, 22 (4): 301-318.

Mignot, P. (2002) Metaphor and 'career', Journal of vocational behavior, 64: 455-469.

Finding the articles

To locate an article, make a note of the journal title, article title, author, year, volume number and page number. Then click on the link below. Click on 'journal title contains all words' and insert the key words needed e.g. education and work.

Close reading

Whilst reading the articles, please consider the following questions:

1/ What is revealed about the epistemological position and theoretical perspective of each author?
2/ What is stated concerning: research strategy, data collection method and framework for data analysis/interpretation?

You may also want to note any observations on the value of the article. Once you have done this, please proceed to the next page entitled Comparing responses.