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Extension activity

You are invited to browse the e-journals and select one peer-reviewed article of your choice for close reading. The article can be one that you admire or disagree with. Please consider the questions:

1/ What is revealed about the epistemological position and theoretical perspectives of the author(s)?

2/ What is stated concerning: research strategy, data collection method(s) and framework for data analysis/interpretation?

3/ Any other observations on the value of the article?

4/ Identify any similarities and differences between peer-reviewed articles and other literature in our field (e.g. government or statutory body papers, institutional strategies, professional or trade publications, popular books, popular media).

You are invited to post some of your responses on the forum.

List of relevant journals
A selection of relevant journals available at Warwick is listed below:

Australian Journal of Career Development

Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling

British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

British Journal of Sociology of Education

Canadian Journal of Counselling

Career Development International

Career Development Quarterly

Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

Counselling Psychology Quarterly

Education and Training

European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Higher Education

Higher Education Management and Policy

Higher Education Research and Development

Human Relations

Information Today

International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling

International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance

Journal for Specialists in Group Work

Journal of Education and Work

Journal of Further and Higher Education

Journal of Vocational Behavior

Journal of Workplace Learning

Studies in Higher Education

Training and Coaching Today

Work and Occupations

Work, Employment and Society

It is also possible to search more widely for other titles in, for example, education, sociology, business or psychology.

To locate a journal, click on the link below: