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Reading list

The core readings for this module are contained in the module reading pack. This will be sent to you by Warwick during or shortly after the residential.

Core reading

Ali, L. & Graham, B. (1996) The counselling approach to careers guidance, London: Routledge.
Chapter 5.

Gysbers N.C., Heppner M.J. & Johnston, J.A. (2014) Career counseling: holism, diversity and strengths (4th Edition), Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.
Extracts: pp. 6-8 & 155-161.

Hazen, B. & Steckler, N.A. (2010) Career coaching, in E. Cox, T. Bachkirova & D. Clutterbuck, The complete handbook of coaching, London: Sage.

Mignot, P. (2001) Working with individuals, in W.P. Gothard, P. Mignot, M. Offer, & M. Ruff, Careers guidance in context, London: Sage.

Savickas, M.L. (2002) Career construction: a developmental theory of vocational behavior, in D. Brown and Associates, Career choice and development (4th edition), San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Sharf, R.S. (2006) Theories in combination, in R.S. Sharf, Applying career development theory to counseling (4th Edition), Belmont, CA: Thomson Higher Education.

Sharf, R.S. (2009) Applying career development theory to counseling (5th Edition), Belmont, CA: Thomson Higher Education.
Selected publisher’s extracts relating to: Holland's theory of types; Myers-Briggs type theory; constructivist and narrative approaches to career development; Krumboltz's social learning theory; and social cognitive career theory.

Further reading (optional)

Bedford, T. (1982) Vocational guidance interviews, London: Department of Employment.

Culley, S. (2004) Integrative counselling skills in action (2nd Edition), London: Sage.

Egan, G (2007) The skilled helper: a problem management and opportunity development approach to helping (8th Edition), Pacific Grove: Brookes/Cole.

Inkson, K. (2007) Understanding careers: the metaphors of working lives, London: Sage.

Jayasinghe, M. (2001) Counselling in careers guidance, Buckingham: Open University Press.

Kidd, J.M. (2006) Understanding career counselling: theory, research and practice, London: Sage.

Lago, C. and Thompson, J. (1996) Race, culture and counselling, Buckingham: Open University Press.

Nathan, R. & Hill, L. (2006) Career counselling, London: Sage.

Nelson-Jones, R. (2006) Life coaching skills: how to develop skilled clients, London: Sage.

Peterson, N. & González, R.C. (2000) Career counselling models for diverse populations, Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Brooks Cole.


Revised for July 2014 residential