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Assessment and evaluation

Assessment is an important part of the overall learning experience. Assessing the career-related learning achieved by participants is a key task for any teacher, trainer or facilitator. Giving effective feedback to learners is an important outcome of assessment and learning can be improved with the effective use of feedback and assessment.

Consider the following reflective questions drawing from your own experiences:

  • When do you think you were taught something well?
  • What was the teacher doing?
  • What feedback did you receive?
  • Was there any formal assessment?
  • For you what makes good assessment of / for learning?
  • What do you think are productive ways to give feedback?


Please now read the extract from Fry, Ketteridge & Marshall (2003) where brief definitions of formative and summative assessment are offered. Once you have done this, read the paper by Praslova (2010) on what she terms the four levels of evaluation criteria in higher education: Reaction Criteria, Learning Criteria, Behavioral/Transfer Criteria and Results Criteria.