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A selection of e-journals relevant to this module is listed below. This will also help in locating journal articles starred in the list of further reading. To get you started, there are interesting and still relevant debates on career education in the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling. In the further reading list, see Watts & Herr (1976), Watts (1977), Roberts, K. (1977), Daws (1977), Roberts, R.J. (1980), Law (1999) and McCash (2006) for a flavour of the discussions.

  • Australian Journal of Career Development
  • Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling
  • British Journal of Guidance and Counselling
  • Career Development International
  • Career Development Quarterly
  • Career Planning and Adult Development Journal
  • Education and Training
  • Human Relations
  • International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance
  • Journal of Career Assessment
  • Journal of Education and Work
  • Journal of Vocational Behavior

To locate a journal, click on the link below and insert the title needed in the search engine.