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Getting started

Introduction and overview

Welcome to the module. This module is taught mainly by attendance on AGCAS courses. The subsequent online coursework consists of: six online lectures; a forum; a series of core readings; e-journals; a reading list; and the assignment brief. You will need the module reading pack issued by Warwick before going any further. Please email the Programme Co-ordinator if you have not yet received it

Using the online lectures
The online lectures are designed to play on both PCs and tablets. You may need to adjust the voume and screen size for comfort. Please use the pause and play buttons and slidebar to control the speed of the slideshow.

Saying hello on the forum
The forum is our space and it is only available to staff and students. You are asked to introduce yourself on the forum so that other participants can see who is also studying the module. It can also be used for responding to the online lecture, videos and readings. Assignment queries can also be responded to via the forum as they are likely to be of interest to others. Please use the forum to say hello now.

You are invited to contact the Warwick module leader, Phil McCash, to discuss any aspect of this module prior to submission. If you would like to have a tutorial, please email some possible dates and times to

With best wishes for an enjoyable and successful module!