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Other disciplines

Arthur, Hall & Lawrence (1989) and others have suggested that a wider range of disciplines has much to contribute to the study of career development. The following by no means definitive list will help to navigate this growing field.

Becker (1975/1993) developed a human capital theory of labour economics. This theory of career development continues to have great influence particularly in policy and management circles.

Organisational and management studies
Gunz & Peiperl's (2007) overview of career studies from a broadly organisational and management studies perspective has been an important contribution to the field. Arthur, Inkson & Pringle (1999) is also relevant.

Cultural studies
Willis's (1977) classic study of working-class boys. This study has been criticised from the left and the right but remains valuable for its exploration of the cultural celebration that takes 'the lads' as far as the factory gates.

Thomas (1999) provides an overview of work through an historical and cultural lens.

Religious and spirituality studies
Bloch & Richmond (1997) explore some links between spirit, work and career development.