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About me
My name is Phil McCash, I work as a lecturer at Warwick and act as the module convenor for Graduate Employers and Labour Markets. The module convenor is responsible for module design, writing course materials and assignments, and marking. As module convenor, I am also your point of contact for this module, and you are welcome to email me with any questions. As you are studying at a distance, you may find it helpful to do this, as you do not have the opportunity for asking ordinary queries during conventional lectures. I am pleased to be teaching on this module, as I believe it is central to the work of HE careers professionals. Understanding graduate employers and labour markets will enable you to develop an intelligence-led approache and better meet the needs of our changing client groups. This subject is very fertile with a number of important recent contributions to the field. I look forward to exploring these with you.

In terms of my own experience, I have been involved in working with employers and labour markets for over 11 years, and have gained experience in researching occupational information, arranging employer events, vacancy handling, destinations work and web developments.  My experience has also been developed through bid-writing and contributing to the AGCAS sector skills briefing series.


Overview of module
This module is designed for any member of staff involved in higher education careers work. This includes, but is not confined to, employer relations professionals, careers advisers, information staff, career educators, managers and project staff. Unlike some other modules in the AGCAS courses (such as Guidance Skills) this module is not purely relevant to one particular role. It is designed to broaden and deepen understanding of graduate employer and labour market work for all HE staff.

The overall focus of the module is on an intelligence-led approach, and the integration of employer liaison functions. The importance of developing intelligence-led initiatives in employer liaison is underlined by the growing diversity of higher education provision. There is also a focus on the integration of employer liaison work across different services and functions including: career information, destinations, career counselling, employer events, labour market research, vacancy handling, and wider university initiatives.


Students progressing from the Certificate module
Students progressing from either the 10 credit Employer Relations or Graduate Employers and Labour Market module will have already completed parts of this module (or equivalent). Students progressing will therefore only have to complete sections 2, 8, 9 and 10 of this module, and in terms of assessment, there is a separate assignment. Click on the Assignments area in the left hand menu to locate.