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The media and the labour market

The depiction of the labour market in the media is an important issue and, over time, I hope you find that studying this module develops evaluation and understanding of this area. In order to make a start, please engage with the first piece of reading in this module by reading the chapter on the Discourse of the Labour Market by Marcus Offer. Towards the end of the chapter, Offer suggests that, when it comes to the labour market, ‘careless talk costs lives’ (p. 92). I would like you to consider this statement in terms of our work with clients.

In order to develop and share understanding of media and the labour market, you are invited to participate in a Media Watch. This involves monitoring the media for references to a particular subject over a period of time. You are asked to complete a Media Watch file as you progress through this module. Every time you come across a reference to graduate employers and labour markets in the media, simply take a copy of the article or picture, and keep it in a file. You are asked to post at least one of these items to the Media Watch thread in the Forum as part of the formative assessment for this module. You are of course welcome to post more than one item if you think it will be useful. When posting, please identify the source and indicate why you have selected the contents. The style of contributions is meant to be fairly informal and spontaneous.

You will find that the major newspapers, radio and TV stations, blogs and videos provide lots of interesting and controversial material. The AGCAS site and updates also contain helpful links to breaking stories. I have posted my comments on the ‘Shift Happens’ video to get the media watch started.