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This is the current assignment for this module. It contains both formative and summative elements. It should be used by those who attended the April 2014 Group Work residential.

1/ FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT: A learning outcomes activity (use the online forum for this module)
This module is formatively assessed using the online distance learning materials and the forum. Please respond by 30th May 2014.

  • Select a topic for group work session.
  • Identify three or four learning outcomes relevant to the session.
  • Describe how each learning outcome will be assessed
  • Visit the thread in the online forum entitled Post-residential formative assessment exercise and post your responses to the thread on this topic.

Posts for this activity are intended to be fairly short and informal. I have added my own post to get us started. Please note that you are also most welcome to email me to discuss your work on this module individually.

Group work project (5000 word limit 20 credits/2500 word limit 10 credits: weighting 100%)
This module is summatively assessed via a group work project in curriculum or non-curriculum contexts. The project consists of two group works for the 20 credit version of this module and one for the 10 credit. Prior to the submission date, you are asked to organise and record the group work(s) and it is recommended to organise at least an additional group work in case of cancellation or other reasons. The session(s) can be with large or small groups and do not have to be connected by theme or topic. Each recording should be around 30-60 minutes long but can be part of a longer session.

  • First group work critique and video recording (word limit 2500)
  • Second group work critique and video recording (word limit 2500)

Detailed guidance
Each critique should include a short description of the context and a longer critical assessment of the session including:

  • Rationale for the design of the learning outcomes and session based on your reading of two theories of learning.
  • Review of planning and delivery methods (including consent and confidentiality).
  • Analysis of participants’ achievement of the learning outcomes.
  • Consideration of participants’ evaluation.

The appendices should contain detailed session plan(s) including: learning outcomes, group activities, assessment strategy and evaluation methods. A summary of the participants' evaluation should also be attached.

The video recordings
The video recordings must be submitted on DVD or memory stick playable on a standard Windows PC. A hard copy is required for archive and moderation purposes. It is essential to check sound and visual playback prior to submission as inaudible or unplayable recordings may be failed.

Consent and confidentiality
Within the review section of the project, please confirm that all participants consented to the process and were informed how any data would be handled. Guidance is available here.

PG Certificate registrants/transferees
Note that, if enrolled on the 10 credit version of this module, then only one critique and recording is required (2500 words). Similarly, if completing the additional 10 credits as part of the MA/PG Diploma then one further critique and recording is required (2500 words).

Final points
In total, the project report should be 5,000 words in length (excluding reference list and appendices). Submit the whole project at one time. Once complete, send the project to Warwick using the course online submission system by the hand-in date. You will be invited to give overall feedback on the module as part of this. The overall word limit must be adhered to within a 10% leeway and excessive length will be penalised. Coursework will be assessed against the learning outcomes described in the module specification and postgraduate assessment criteria. The course guide to referencing (e.g. citation style, use of reference list and bibliography) must be used. Links to all these elements are available in the online student handbook in the student course space.

You are invited to contact the Warwick module leader, Phil McCash, to discuss any specific aspect of this module prior to submission. If you would like to have a tutorial, please email some possible dates and times to


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