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Reading 6: 10 group work examples

The reading below has been selected in order to provide some practical examples of group work design. The context is management and work-related learning but the main reason for selection is the modelling of integration in theory and practice in group work construction. It is not designed to be treated prescriptively.

Core reading provided in the module pack
A work-related learning booklet by Frigerio, Mendez & McCash (2012).

10 group work examples
Frigerio, Mendez and McCash design a series of group works on a range of topics including learning at work, power at work, leadership, career management and working roles. Their work is influenced by Simon et al. (1991) and Kolb (1984).

Integrating theory and practice
Following this, consider the examples in the design of your group work activities.

Optional extension activities
Use Reading 3 to explore some alternative theories of learning. Consider their value and practicality in the design of group work.