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1. Formative Assessment: Strengths and Weaknesses

Using the online forum for this module, you are invited to begin considering the strengths and weaknessess of psychometric assessment. Please click on the forum thread entitled Formative Assessment.

2. Summative Assessment: Two Part Case Study (weighting 100%; word limit 5,000)

Part 1: Working with a client (2,500 words)
Select a suitable client and provide background information on the client and the context. Administer a psychometric assessment for career development purposes. Describe this process and include details of the assessment chosen. Provide a rationale for selecting the assessment based on client needs. Comment on the process of agreeing the process with the client, interpreting the results and discussing next steps. Demonstrate how you used the assessment process to facilitate the career education and guidance process.

Part 2: Evaluation (2,500 words)
Evaluate the use of psychometric assessment for career development purposes in the light of the case study, your experience on the psychometric course and wider experiences. You must identify the strengths and weaknesses of psychometric assessment in general (typical and maximum perfomance) and state why you have selected those strengths and weaknesses. You will need to demonstrate application of wider reading around this subject from the reading list, the course and elsewhere if appropriate.

Include the following documents in the appendices: an anonymised summary of the client’s assessment results and a photocopy of your certificate of competence in the selected assessment used.

Final points
Word limits must be adhered to within a 10% leeway and work over/under this will be penalised. Coursework will be assessed against the learning outcomes described in the module specification and postgraduate assessment criteria. The course guide to referencing (e.g. citation style, use of reference list and bibliography) must be used. The assignment must be submitted using the the online submission system. You will be invited to give overall feedback on the module as part of this. Links to all these elements are available in the online student handbook in the student course space.


You are encouraged to arrange a tutorial with the Warwick module leader, Phil McCash, to discuss any aspect of this module. This should be done at least one month before the submission date. To get the ball rolling, please email some possible dates and times to