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Judging tests and inventories

The use of tests and inventories is considered in most career education and counselling textbooks. We have selected two relevant ones for this section. Firstly, Jennifer Kidd makes the following points:

  • There is a wide range of assessment tools and techniques available in addition to psychometric tests and inventories e.g. systematic reflection on experience; assessing career themes; graphic and written portrayals; card corts; checklists and informal rating scales. These can provide useful alternatives for clients.
  • A number of psychometric tests and inventories are discussed including : the Strong Interest Inventory; 16PF; Career Maturity Inventory; Career Development Inventory and the Career Decision Scale
  • The importance of reliability, validity and fairness is emphasised
  • The need to involve the client as an equal partner and not a passive recipient of knowledge
  • The importance of checking with the client as to whether the assessment over- or under-emphasised certain aspects within the total picture

Please now read Kidd's (2006) chapter on Assessment Tools and Techniques from the core reading.

As extension reading, you could read Chapter 5 in Nathan & Hill (2006) to provide a contrast.