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This is the current assignment for this module. It contains both formative and summative elements. It should be used by those who attended the April 2014 'Work Experience in Higher Education' residential.

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Learning from Work Experience.

Look again at the presentation about learning from work experience, which includes the worked example which integrates Krumboltz's work on instrumental and associative learning experiences and Kolb's learning cycle Based on this create your own alternative worked example based on either a) your own experience or b) the experience of a student you have worked will.

Visit the thread in the online forum entitled 'Post-residential formative assessment exercise' and post at least once to this thread on the topic above. Posts can be as short or as long as you want and the activity is designed to be fairly informal.

Please note that you are also most welcome to email me to discuss your work on this module individually.

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Work Experience in Higher Education Stakeholder Analysis Project (5000 word limit: weighting 100%) This module is summatively assessed via a project consisting of two sections.

1/ A analysis of how your work experience provision works to meet the needs of key service stakeholders (you can define these for yourself but at a minimum should be: students, your institution, employers) (2500 words)

2/ An indepth consideration of how your service could be developed to better meet the needs of ONE of the stakeholders considered above. (2500 words)

Detailed guidance

Following the residential, read the module reading pack supplied by Warwick and review your course notes, identifying links between theory, policy and practice.

A tutorial to discuss the stakholder mapping activity conducted as part of the residential can be arranged via email, to help you develop your ideas.

Submit the whole report by the module end date given on your module registration letter using the the online submission system. You will be invited to give overall feedback on the module as part of this. Word limits must be adhered to within a 10% leeway and excessive length will be penalised. Coursework will be assessed against the learning outcomes described in the module specification and postgraduate assessment criteria. The course guide to referencing (e.g. citation style, use of reference list and bibliography) must be used. Links to all these elements are available in the online student handbook in the student course space.


You are invited to contact the Warwick module leader, Gill Frigerio, to discuss any aspect of this module prior to submission. If you would like to have a tutorial, please email some possible dates and times to