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Career Studies Events

Research Seminar 2016

29 June 2016

Dr Michael Tomlinson
Competencies, Capabilities and Capitals: conceptual paradigms in the relationship between higher education and employment

Michael Tomlinson is an Associate Professor in Education and Director of the Professional Doctorate in Education within Southampton Education School at the University of Southampton.

Kate Woods
Career Management

Kate Woods is a Careers Consultant working for The Careers Group and currently based at University College London (UCL) supporting students in the School of Management.


Research Seminar 2015

10 June 2015
Kristin Midttun: Career education and guidance (CEG) and social justice (Word Document)
Professor Wendy Patton: Changing the discourse of women’s work: Challenges for theory, research and practice (Powerpoint Presentation)

For more information on this research seminar, please visit the 2015 Research Seminar page.


Research Seminar

22 May 2014
Dr Tracy Scurry: Life in the graduate graveyards (Powerpoint Presentation) 
Orlaith Tunney: Career Dream: a new career counselling intervention (Powerpoint Presentation) and supporting handout (Word Document)

NICEC Network Meeting

26 November 2014
Phil McCash and Gill Frigerio chaired and presented at a NICEC Network Meeting on the theme of career coaching (PDF Document)


E-Learning Workshop and Webinar

2 July 2013
Dr Mary McMahon: The challenges of e-learning

Research Workshop

12 June 2013
Dr Mary McMahon: Systems theory, career development learning and constructivist approaches to career counselling
(A video of this workshop is available to enrolled students)

Research Seminar

22 May 2013
Catherine Reynolds and John Hannon


Research Seminar

26 June 2012
Phil McCash: Re-designing work-related learning (took place in London as part of the NICEC Seminar Series)

CPD event

19 June 2012
Gill Frigerio and Phil McCash: Work experience for schools and colleges


International Career Studies Symposium

22 and 23 September 2009
Keynote speakers: Mark Savickas, Michael Arthur, Kerr Inkson, Audrey Collin and Ron Barnett
Some papers arising are available in a special edition of the NICEC journal (PDF Document)