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Researching graduate employers

In this section, you are asked to contact two current or potential employers of graduates in order to research their views. It is your choice as to which employers you contact but it is useful to consider service and/or student needs. In selecting a visit, you will also need to consider:

  • Size of employers (self employed to large multi-national)
  • Labour market sector
  • Discipline-specific or non-discipline specific recruiters
  • Employers your service has little or no recent contact with, and/or employers that your service is in regular contact with
  • Well-established or recently-established employers

It is worth bearing in mind that most employees represent at least two roles in terms of labour market research. For instance, a respondent employed as a manager can provide LMI on the evolving role of manager as well as LMI on the evolving recruitment needs within his or her organisation. It is worth considering which role(s) you are seeking LMI about.

Once you have selected employers to contact, you will need to identify a range of questions to ask.


Use your work in this module to construct an appropriate range of questions. In order to help with this, I have included a list of possible questions. Please feel free to contact me about this if needed.

Once you have written up the report, you are invited to post the results from your employer visits to the Employer visits thread in the Forum. Over time, this has built up into a useful resource for other students.