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Getting started

Welcome to the module and the post-residential coursework. By engaging with this material, you will be able to:

  • Integrate theory and practice in group work design
  • Use with comfort terms such as experiential learning, critical pedagogy, person-centred learning, enabling participation, learning styles and transformative learning
  • Participate in debates surrounding the above
  • Discuss a range of group work theories
  • Integrate theoretical perspectives within the design and delivery of group work
  • Understand and access a wider range of reading and resources relevant to group work

Overview of the post-residential coursework
This consists of the forum, slide-based materials, a series of core readings, journals, a reading list and the assignment brief. You will need the module reading pack issued by Warwick before going any further. Please email the Programme Co-ordinator if you have not yet received it

Saying hello on the forum

The forum is our space and it is only available to staff and students. You are asked to introduce yourself on the forum so that other participants can see who is also studying the module. It can also be used for responding to the slide-based materials and readings. Assignment queries can also be responded to via the forum as they are likely to be of interest to others. Please use this forum link to say hello.
To start, some online lectures are used to model the theoretically-informed design of a group work session. At least two perspectives on learning and teaching are used (triangulated) to design the session. Subsequently, a range of perspectives on group work is discussed. Each section is structured as follows:

  • A selected core reading is clearly identified
  • The selected reading is briefly described
  • Some practical suggestions are made linked to the readings provided
  • Optional extension activities for further reading from the reading list are identified

Contacting the Warwick module leader
You are very welcome to email me at any time to discuss any aspect of this module including the assignment. If a discussion is needed, please email me some dates and times to get the ball rolling.

With best wishes for an enjoyable and successful module!