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Distance learning materials

Designing a Session Plan

This module is taught largely via an attendance-based course. The following narrative-assisted material is designed to support the assignment, in particular, the requirement to design one or more session plans. The material is available in two formats: Powerpoint and Articulate.

1/ Powerpoint
These materials consist of 5 narrative-assisted Powerpoint presentations. There are also 2 Word documents that you will need towards the end of the 4th Powerpoint subtitled 'personal experience'. The narratives take some minutes to download in Slideshow view. They can also be saved to your PC and used in other views or printed off. In order to listen to the audio, you may need to adjust the volume on your computer to the right level.

GW Designing a session plan: introduction (Powerpoint Presentation)
GW Designing a session plan: Kolb (Powerpoint Presentation)
GW Designing a session plan: Simon et al. (Powerpoint Presentation)
GW Designing a session plan: personal experience (Powerpoint Presentation)
GW Designing a session plan: career stories (Word Document)
GW Designing a session plan: career stories similar but different exercise (Word Document)
GW Designing a session plan: summary (Powerpoint Presentation)


2/ Articulate
Please read the guidance for opening files below before proceeding (printing off may also be helpful)

1/ designing_a_session_plan_part_one (ZIP or other archive)
2/ designing_a_session_plan_kolb (ZIP or other archive)
3/ designing_a_session_plan_simon (ZIP or other archive)
4/ *designing_a_session_plan_personal_experience (ZIP or other archive)
*There are two Word documents you will need in this fourth Articulate presentation. They are included in the presentation, but if the link does not work, here are the two documents below.
Designing a session plan: career stories session plan (Word Document)
Designing a session plan: career stories exercise sheet (Word Document)
5/ designing_a_session_plan_summary (ZIP or other archive)

Guidance for opening the files
As these files are large, they have been published as zip files and there are some quick steps you will need to take prior to viewing each presentation in order to upload the files. You may want to make a quick note of the steps (below) to avoid having to go back. Guidance has been provided for Windows XP and Windows 7 users. The files can be published to the desktop for Mac users.

Windows XP
1/ Left click on the presentation you want to view below.
2/ Click Open.
3/ Click Extract all files under Folder tasks in the left hand menu (do not click on the files to the right at this point).
4/ In the Extraction Wizard click Next, then Next, then Finish.
5/ Click on the HTML Document entitled Player next to the large blue Explorer symbol.

Windows 7
1/ Right click on the link.
2/ Click Save target as.
3/ Save to a convenient folder on your computer.
4/ Click Open Folder.
5/ Right click on the Zip file.
6/ Select Extract all from the pop up menu.
7/ Choose your destination folder (easiest if the same as the one you downloaded to).
8/ Click Extract.
9/ Click player.html

Please contact the Warwick module leader if you have any academic queries about this module.