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Concept mapping

Core reading provided in the module pack
Copy of Amundsen et al.'s (2008) article from Studies in Higher Education.

  • Concept mapping
    Amundsen et al. (2008) propose a simple 6 step process (see the appendix). It is worth reading this first before attempting the whole article. It is argued that concept mapping provides a method of course design through which the course is viewed as an integrated whole. Concept mapping is proposed as a way of establishing relationships between concepts and surfacing tacit views about course content.

Integrating theory and practice
It is worth attempting to 'concept map' the training course you are thinking of designing. If you are thinking about designing one session only, this could help you decide what to include and not to. If designing a longer course of 2 or more sessions, concept mapping could help manage and stage the course content.

Optional extension activities
Read Simon et al. (1991) and Rogers (1994) on grounding course design in the student experience, arguably, Amundsen et al. could pay more attention to this aspect.