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Connecting coaching with career development learning

In exploring coaching for work experience contexts, we need to look at what is distinctive about work experience. For me, this disctinctiveness is its role in career development learning, and so we will also spend some time in this module looking at this concept.

There are many different theoretical perspective on career and how it develops, which we cover in other modules. For the purposes of this module we will use McMahon and Patten's work on a systems theory framework, which is an integrative framework drawing diverse theoretical perspectives together.

In June 2013, Professor Mary McMahon, who is a Associate Fellow of Warwick's Institute for Employment Research, visited Warwick and gave a half day seminar on her work, which demonstrated the use of the Systems Theory Framework in career coaching and counselling. She focused on the role of the learning alliance between coach and client, which I think is particularly useful in coaching for work experience. The seminar was recorded and can be viewed in two parts below.