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Getting Started

Welcome to the Coaching for Work Experience module


The focus of this module is on supporting career development learning through our one to one interactions and conversations, particularly in the context of work experience. These can range from informal conversations with students to more formalised settings where the role of 'client' and 'coach' are clearly adopted by practitioner and student.

Coaching is typically seen as one-to-one and face to face. However, we will also explore how the same professional practices can support learning through group interactions and online activities, for example.

Through the module, participants will work on developing their own professional skills in suporting career development learning through one-to-one dialogue. We will consider ethical and organisational issues and how our own practice can be managed and developed.

These online materials are designed to support the teaching days at the University of Warwick on Tuesday 10 & Wednesday 11 June 2014.

Saying hello in the forum

The forum is used thoughout the module to facilitate responses to exercises and formative assessment. It is our space and only module registrants and staff can see our posts. As a first step, you are asked to introduce yourself in the module forum. As a blended learning module, it is helpful if other people can see who is studying the module. Please do this now by clicking on this forum link and locating the thread entitled 'Introductions for all new module participants.'

Online materials

It would be helpful if participants could view the video case study of 'Nadzirah' prior to the teaching days, as we will discuss this example of practice as part of our learning.

There are also some activities to complete in blue boxes like this one.


On other pages, there is a comments function at the bottom of the page. Please use this to post your thoughts and reactions to the material. Only other students on this module and Centre for Lifelong Learning staff are able to see these pages.

Contacting the module tutor

You are entitled to have at least one tutorial with the module leader as part of this module. You are invited to contact me by visiting the tutorials thread in the forum. Further tutorials can also be discussed as the need arises.

Module home page

The module home page and can be used as a base for navigating around the module. The sections within it contain the online module materials. Approximate guided learning hours are displayed in brackets for each of the main sections. These are intended as a very rough guide to aid in planning your time.

I hope that you find the module a supportive and enjoyable means to develop your coaching practice.

Best wishes