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Course Materials

Please read these notes on quality in higher education before the residential, and complete the service mapping activity



Presentations and resources from residential - session by session

 (Powerpoint Presentation) Enhancing Effectiveness (Gill's presentations)

 (Word Document) What's your purpose activity

(Powerpoint Presentation) Stakeholder Mapping presentation

(Word Document) Stakeholder Mapping handout



(Powerpoint Presentation) Matrix by Lucy Madahar

(PDF Document)The Matrix Standard

(PDF Document) IiP framework Summary

(PDF Document)CSE Standard

(PDF Document)Customer First


 (Powerpoint Presentation)Human resources or human beings? presentation


Quality Session

 (Word Document) QAA Section 8 & 9 worksheet

(Word Document) Case Studies handouts


Evaluation Session

(Powerpoint Presentation) Evaluation Emma King

(Powerpoint Presentation)Evaluation handout

(Word Document)Evaluation Activity

(Word Document)Data collection Methods

(Word Document)Data collection activity


management information

Information from NASES conference: presentation, sample spreadsheets 1, 2, and guide, group work feedback


(Powerpoint Presentation) Imagine it and Plan it


 (Powerpoint Presentation) SUEI by Julie Byrd

Other Resources mentioned during residential


Student Employability Profiles (academic version)