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Overall Purpose and Intended Audience

This module is designed for any member of staff involved in the management of student work experience and placements in further and higher education.

It forms module three of the Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate in the Management of Student Work Experience and is worth 20 credits.

The overall aims of this module are to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills required to interact effectively with employers and to develop a strategic approach to this work. This will include both the placement of students in employer organisations, and securing employers’ involvement in curriculum-based approaches to career development learning

The delivery of the module is via the on-line medium Sitebuilder. In order to support the on-line learning, you will need access to key texts and opportunities to speak with employers and colleagues.

Advice on Completing this Module

This module is completed through using on-line teaching materials, activities, reading and online discussion boards.


Throughout the module you will be invited to engage in a variety of activities. Your responses to the activities will not be individually assessed, but they are an excellent opportunity to extend your learning and to prepare you for the formal assignments. If you would like feedback on any of the activities, please contact the module convenor

You might like to think of the exercises as a direct replacement for the type of groupwork and thinking you would undertake in lectures and tutorials. Try to complete the activities as fully as you can as you progress through the module, as they will contribute towards the completion of your assignments.


It is essential to have the relevant chapters, books or papers available to you prior to starting on individual sections. See the Reading List section in the left hand menu. If you do not have the key texts and journals available, you will find it time-consuming to stop in order to obtain them.

You will need to obtain a copy of the NASES Guide for Student Employment if you don’t already have one. You can order this online from NASES at

The other core texts are articles which are publicly available from the websites quoted in the reading list.

The ‘Additional Resources’ section gives more information about the other books and articles in the reading list to help you to decide which ones to read.

You will find a number of websites listed in the external links section. These have been especially selected for their relevance to this module and will often aid you in the completion of your assignments.

You will be expected to evidence and reference a selection of reading and research in your final assignments.


Completing the course work and assignments

There are two assignments which you will submit at the end of the module. For the first one you will choose either to provide a critical analysis of an existing Employer Strategy or to develop a new one.

The second assignment takes the form of a Case Study on your work with an Employer.

You will find more detail in the Assignment area in the left hand menu. I suggest you read this now so that you are familiar with it.

Good luck with your studies and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Pre-Course Self Assessment

If you haven’t already done so, logon to the CEIGHE/MSWE Course space on Sitebuilder. In the Handbook section you will find a Learning Review Form. You should download one of these now, and complete Part 1 of this form.

This is for you own information and you are not required to share this information with your Tutor or anyone else. However you may find it helpful to discuss it with your manager so that s/he is aware of what you are hoping to achieve from your study.


This module was written by Jan Digby, who would like to acknowledge the following colleagues and friends for their support and feedback:

Alison Clark, NASES

Phil McCash, University of Warwick

Anna McMenamin, University of Reading

Dr Philip Mignot, Nottingham Trent University