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Further Reading


The way that the books and articles are set out here reflects the way that you should reference them (and other material) in your assignments. Those in bold are provided in your reading pack. This list is divided into Books, Articles etc to make it easier for you. When constructing your list of references you should not divide it up.


Chapters from Books

Mullins, L. (2010) 'The Nature of Organisations' in Management and Organisational Behaviour (9th edn), Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Offer, M (2001) 'The Discourse of the Labour Market' in B. Gothard, P. Mignot, M. Offer & M. Ruff Careers Guidance in Context, London: Sage.

Smith, H. (2007) ‘Graduate employers’, in T. Butler and M. Dane (eds.) AGCAS: reflections on change 1967-2007, Sheffield: AGCAS.


Moreau, M-P & Leathwood, C Graduates’ employment and the discourse of employability: a critical analysis Journal of Education and Work 19:4, pp305-324

Tomlinson, M (2007) Graduate employability and student attitudes and orientations to the labour market Journal of Education and Work 20:4, pp285-304



CiPD/Job Centre Plus (2012) Work Experience Placements that Work: A guide for employers, updated April 2012. London: Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development

Wilson, T. (2012) A Review of Business-University Collaboration, London: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

External Links

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