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Formative assessment (assessment designed to support your ongoing learning)

1. Metaphors of Career and implications for Career Service Management

When you have reviewed the presentation based on Kerr Inkson's metaphors of career, comment on the forum about which of these metaphors you can see in your service design, and the implications of this for how the service is managed. Comment on one anothers' posts to extend your ideas.

Remember, only students on this module and CSU staff can see your comments. There are no right or wrong answers, just sharing ideas and perspectives. Please also comment on one anothers posts to question and extend the considerations.

Summative assessment (assessment on which your overall module mark will be based)

Part 1: Select and identify three current management challenges specific to your own role. Analyse and evaluate these challenges and, linked to this, identify recommendations for you and others to address the issues raised.
(Word guide 2500; weighting 50%)

What current challenges do you face in managing your work? What are your personal strengths and weaknesses as a manager and how does this sit alongside your personal values? What are your thoughts about developing your management role(s) in the future? Show an awareness of how the challenges to your role that you have selected have emerged, and the debates surrounding them, drawing from learning on the course and wider reading. Evaluate the challenges selected in the light of your professional values and preferred approach to management. Consider the role of self and others in addressing the challenges identified.

Once you have identified the management issues you wish to write about, it is suggested that you arrange a tutorial with the module leader to discuss them.

Part 2: Career and Employability impact study

(Word guide 2500; weighting 50%)

Produce an impact assessment framework for your service or department. This will need to consider the purpose, aims and objectives of your activities, the perspectives of stakeholders, the data available to you and the purposes of the framework itself.

Comment also on the process of producing the impact assessment framework and the contextual factors you have considered in its design. What will you need to consider in using the framework to demonstrate the impact of your activities?