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After the residential

Here are the materials that were used on the march 2012 residential, in order of use (n.b Gill's slides and Bonnie's slides are separate files)


(Powerpoint Presentation) Gill's slides (introduction, strategy, finance, managing out)

(Powerpoint Presentation) The Heart of Leadership slides and (Word Document) Handouts (with the citations sorted out)

Strategy handouts (pestel, process handout, worksheet, Universities as organisations)

Finance materials (managing cost, financial management exercise)

Managing people - these slides are in the planned order, not the order in which they were delivered on the residential. I've added notes in the 'Notes pages' clarifying where each page of the handouts fits. (Powerpoint Presentation) Slides (Word Document) Handouts (Word Document) Case Studies (which we didn't use)

(Word Document) Coach enabler profile

Managing your boss checklist

(PDF Document) managing your boss hbr article