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Management Accounting



The Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) has a definition of what Management Accounting is, and what Management Accountants do at

You will see from this that the emphasis is on the use of financially-based information to inform the way that business activities operate. Clearly, then, management accounting or reporting will vary greatly from one business to another. Even within the education sector, there will be differences between the management accounts of one university and another.


You may already be familiar with the structure of your university’s management accounting system, especially if you have budgetary responsibility. Take some time now to review or familiarise yourself with this. It may be helpful to talk to whoever is responsible for the management accounting of your department. Hint – don’t try to talk to them at the financial year end of your university!

The rest of this part of the module concentrates on two related areas – Costing and Budgeting.