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Power and Control

What is the difference between power and control? Think about a colleague at work who seems to have little power or influence over others. Why do you think this is?


Read the section on Power and leadership influence in “Management and Organisational Behaviour” (pages 257-259 in the 6th edition).

Read the section on Power and Management Control in “Management and Organisational Behaviour” (pages 778-779 in the 6th edition).

Think About…

The difference between management and leadership is in part the difference between positional power and personal power. Can you identify examples of this in your own organisation?

Read the article ‘How to choose a leadership pattern’ by Tannenbaum and Schmidt which is available online from the University library pages. Although this article was written half a century ago, it is regarded as a ‘management classic’.


Using the Tannenbaum-Schmidt continuum, identify your preferred style of leadership.

Think About…

To what extent are you able to adapt your style to suit changing circumstances?

Consider the ways you exert power and influence over others at work. Which of the theories and ideas you have explored in this module help to explain your approach?