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Performance Management Part 6

You could consider, in consultation with your HR department:

A temporary change of hours

Working from home (if appropriate)

A period of compassionate or unpaid leave

A change of duties – perhaps reducing the amount of customer contact

Arranging an appointment with a counsellor

If your team member does not reveal any circumstances which need to be addressed by these types of action what should you do?

Your course of action will be similar to the following:

Explain the impact of the poor performance on the team and the customers

Ensure that the team member understands the level of performance required

Ensure that the team member has the necessary skills to achieve the required level of performance and arrange training if not

Set a date by which a certain level of improvement must be achieved and review the performance again at that time.

If the team member has not achieved the required level of then you must make this clear. It may be that redeployment or dismissal will have to be considered, and you will need to take advice on this from your manager and from HR.

Additional Resources

Chapter 18 of “Management and Organisational Behaviour” covers this topic in depth, as will other books to which you may have access.

Think about….

Is it better for performance review to be carried out badly or not at all? Discuss this with your tutor and fellow students using the online discussion board.