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Performance Management Part 3

You may have identified some of the following:

New starter – needs to know the standard of performance expected

Probationary review

Change of job

Return to work

When a performance problem has been identified

When someone has performed above expectations

The last two of these are very important. It is never right to leave the discussion of poor performance to an annual appraisal. It should be tackled – sensitively – as soon as it comes to light. Similarly, giving praise for work well done should be carried out at once. This will be discussed further in the section on Motivation.

Your organisation will probably have a Poor Performance Policy. You should refer to this before taking any action.

Poor Performance Exercise

Suppose you are the manager of a team of three careers officers. Each one carries out the same duties and there has always been a good team spirit. However following the introduction of a new computerised record-keeping system you notice that there are tensions in the team. You discover that one team member is being ‘carried’ by the other two. You are told informally that this person’s timekeeping has deteriorated, the new system is not being used properly and one student has told another consultant that she received incorrect information from the consultant causing concern that led to her missing an important opportunity.

What steps should you take?