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Welcome to the forum for the Management of Higher Education Career and Employability Services module

The forum is designed to provide a safe, supportive and informal environment for communication. Most postings are usually fairly short and spontaneous. We encourage helpful comments on others' postings. This is is a closed forum and only available to students registrants on this module and relevant staff. Once you contribute a posting, you can edit it by clicking on the thread title. You can start a new thread on any topic. If needed, you can ask for your postings to be deleted and this will always be done.



    5 posts, started by Gill Frigerio, 11:00, Tue 10 Feb 2015, latest post by Gill Frigerio, 17:06, Mon 16 Feb 2015


    1 post, started by A guest user, 17:35, Wed 18 Feb 2015