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5. Managing and Leading Others


Translating organisational strategy into individual objectives (your own or other people's) is a key aspect of implementation, and involves both managing and leading others.

The role of a manager may be defined as someone who achieves results through other people. We begin with the idea that, in seeking to achieve things through others, you need to balance concern for completion of the task and looking after the people who are doing it. We extend this to include the importance of managing the team collectively as well as the task and the individual people. We also explore the idea of emotional intelligence and how it helps you to manage yourself and your relationships with others.

We then compare management with leadership, suggesting that to be successful you need a blend of both management and leadership. We look at how views of what makes a leader have changed over the last hundred years or so.

The material here is organised into the following sections. It draws on Bob Thomson's book 'Understanding Yourself and Others', used with kind permission.

5.1 Concern for Task and Concern for People

5.2 Task, team, individual

5.3 Emotional intelligence

5.4 Management vs leadership

5.5 Authentic leadership

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