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(Word Document) Leadership Handouts

(Word Document) Pestel worksheet

(Word Document) Strategy worksheet

(Word Document) Universities as organisations

(Word Document) Leadership cases handout

(Word Document) Stakeholder perspectives handout

(Word Document)Managing costs handout

(Word Document)financial management exercises

(Word Document) Coach-enabler profile

Gill Please review and then move to Completed materials if they are ok or amend if you wish. Thanks, Bonnie


(Powerpoint Presentation) Managing People slides NOTE - Can these slides NOT be integrated into the Tutor slides file please. I've included the NASES logo, but the bubbles at the top of the NASES template will really mess up the layout. Thanks! B

(Word Document) Managing People handouts

(Word Document) Managing People Case Studies


Draft Presentations and Handouts for Residential



(Powerpoint Presentation) Managing your manager slides

(Word Document) Managing your boss checklist - Handout

(PDF Document) Managing Your Boss - Harvard Business Review article by Gabarro and Kotter