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Assignment from 1 May 2013

Formative assessment: Marketing and Employability (use the online forum for this module)

When you have worked through the module reading pack, use the forum to post your initial thoughts about service marketing in the context of career placement and employability services. I will also post some reflections as we go. Posts can be as short or as long as you want. This activity is designed to be fairly informal. You are also welcome to email me ( to discuss your work on this module individually. You are particularly invited to make contact to discuss the market research report.

Summative assessment: Marketing the Service project (5000 word limit: weighting 100%)

This module is summatively assessed via a project consisting of two parts. The first part (the case study) involves conducting some market research in your context The second part of the assignment (the strategy) asks you to critique the marketing activities of an aspect of your service and make recommendations for future strategy.

Market Research Case Study – 2500 words

Title: Design and carry out some primary market research relevant to your service using qualitative or quantitative research methods as appropriate and prepare a case study explaining what you did, why you did it, what you found out and how you will take it forward.

Guidance Notes

First of all, think about a topic on which it would be useful for you/ your service to learn more about what either your existing or target users do or think.

Examples might be:

Customer satisfaction with existing servicesInterest in possible new servicesActions taken and outcomes as a result of following advice given

Having decided on your topic, draft your (realistic) objectives for the research – what will the research need to deliver so that you can analyse the findings and then make real use of that information?

Your objectives will need to be such to enable you to decide:

What information or views you want to gather
From which and how many people
How you will analyse and then report the data
Readings to assist you with the design, implementation and analysis of the survey or focus groups are taken from “Social Research Methods” by Alan Bryman. They have been provided as part of your study pack:

Designing the self-completion questionnaire pp 221- 224

Asking questions pp 231-235, 237-245, 249-250

Focus Groups pp 472-491

Analysis 314 – 325

You will need to include a justification of your research method (e.g. a focus group or a self-completion questionnaire) as well as an account and example(s) of your research and data gathered as appendices to your Case Study Report. You may include other Appendices if appropriate.

Marketing Strategy – 2500 words


Carry out a critical analysis of the way your service is currently marketed, both inside and outside the institution. Based on this analysis, devise a marketing strategy for the service in order to expand its work and impact.

Guidance Notes

It is up to you to decide on the appropriate definition of ‘service’ for the purposes of this assignment.

It may be appropriate to make use of appendices – for example if you wish to make extensive reference to other documents – to avoid using up your word count.

Important: Please ensure that your data can be understood when printed in black and white, and is laid out suitable for printing on A4 paper.