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Getting Started


The focus of this module, is the bringing together of learners with work experience opportunities, from the macro level of how you organise the placement process of bringing employers and learners together, through to the micro level of scoping out a specific vacancy and assessing a learner's suitability for it.

Saying hello in the forum

The forum is used thoughout the module to facilitate responses to exercises and formative assessment. It is our space and only module registrants and staff can see our posts. As a first step, you are asked to introduce yourself in the module forum. As a largely distance learning module, it is helpful if other people can see who is studying the module. Please do this now by clicking on this forum link and locating the thread entitled 'Introductions for all new module participants'.

Forum link

Throughout the module you will be invited to engage in a variety of activities. Your responses to the activities will not be individually assessed, but they are an excellent opportunity to extend your learning and to prepare you for the formal assignments.

You might like to think of the exercises as a direct replacement for the type of groupwork and thinking you would undertake in lectures and tutorials. Try to complete the activities as fully as you can as you progress through the module, as they will contribute towards the completion of your assignments.


There is a module reading pack provided with this module containing some of the core readings. This includes:

Chapters 1 and 2 of the NASES Guide to Student Employment

Mignot, P. (2001) 'Anti Oppressive Practice' in W.P. Gothard, P. Mignot, M. Offer, and M. Ruff 'Careers Guidance in Context'. London: Sage

You should receive the pack in the post shortly and can contact if any problems.

Other core readings are taken from e-books available from the University library and can be downloaded when you get to them.

See the Reading List section in the module home page for suggestions and ideas for wider reading. You can also source your own through your workplace and online/library searching.

Throughout the materials we also use materials produced by professional bodies and policy/interest groups in the field of work experience. Their websites contain many other useful resources too.

You will find these, and a number of other websites listed in the external links section. These have been especially selected for their relevance to this module and will often aid you in the completion of your assignments.

You will be expected to evidence and reference a selection of reading and research in your final assignments.


The online materials are designed to be self-contained; however, an optional one day workshop was introduced from 2014. The first of these, for the October 2013 cohort, will be held on Tuesday 11 November 2014.


Contacting the module tutor

You are entitled to have at least one tutorial with the module leader as part of this module. You are invited to contact me by emailing some date and times to and this address can also be used for quick queries. Further tutorials can also be discussed as the need arises.

I hope that you find the module relevant, stimulating, and above all enjoyable!

Best wishes