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Reading List

Reading List

The items printed in bold are CORE texts for this module are in the reading pack or available from the University library. The other items are useful texts in their own right, reading them will help you to gain a fuller appreciation of the subject and perhaps be able to develop your arguments more fully. The external links section lists a number of internet sites which are highly relevant to this module

Brown, J.N. (2011) The complete guide to recruitment : a step-by-step approach to selecting, assessing and hiring the right people. London: Kogan Page

CIPD and Job Centre Plus/DWP (2012) Work Experience Placements that Work: A Guide for Employers, updated April 2012. London: CIPD

CIPD (2013) Employers are from Mars, Young People are from Venus: Addressing the young people/jobs mismatch. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

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Cushway, B. (2012) The employer's handbook 2012-13 [electronic resource] : an essential guide to employment law, personnel policies and procedures. London: Kogan Page

Davies L. 2000. 'Why kick the 'L' out of LEarning'? The development of students employability skills through part-time working'. Education and Training.Vol 42, Number 8, pages 436 - 444

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