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Course materials

The teaching for this module consists of mediated readings using the VLE alongside a module reading pack, one-to-one supervision and an optional research workshop. The materials are designed to introduce research in our field in broad terms and then focus on more detailed aspects of constructing the research proposal. Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the research process
  • Triangulation
  • The initial literature review
  • Research questions
  • Research methods
  • Reflexivity and ethics
  • A journals activity
  • Writing the research proposal
  • Writing the research project

You will need the core readings supplied in the module reading pack. Please contact if you have not received this as you will not be able to proceed without it. There is an expectation that you will read and engage with this core reading. Optional extension activities are also indicated and the reading for these is not supplied. You are encouraged to pursue your own ideas for further reading.

You must contact the module leaders within one month of registering on the module and suggest some dates and times for a telephone, Skype or face-to-face discussion. This will then lead to the agreement of a research proposal. You are invited to use the forum to make contact with others, add ideas and ask questions that you think may be of wider interest.