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Considering the research proposal

First step
As indicated earlier, you must contact the module leaders within one month of registering on the module and suggest some dates and times for a telephone, Skype or face-to-face discussion. This will then lead to the agreement of a research proposal.

Choosing a topic
You may wish to select two or three areas and discuss these; however, it is also fine to discuss more or less topics.

You are invited to:

  • Read around the topic to develop an idea of what has already been pursued.
  • Ask yourself what specific question still needs to be addressed within the topic.
  • Ask yourself about the ways in which this question can best be phrased.
  • Consider relevant theoretical perspectives.

Some examples of recent topics pursued include:

  • The growth of specialist career education, information and guidance services.
  • The impact of a career education initiative for medical students.
  • The development of an organisatonal career development policy.
  • The role of career advice in widening participation in education.
  • Psychological type theory and career development.
  • A comparative study of career counselling and coaching.
  • A labour market typology.