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Writing the research project

The text that you developed for the research proposal will form the part of the completed research project. This is worth bearing in mind in terms of the overall word count (5000). You must send the completed draft project to the supervisor for formative feedback at least 3 weeks before final submission.

You are advised to include the following headings in the completed research project.

Introduction and initial literature review
Provide a rationale for your research questions based on your initial review of the literature (in the widest sense). State clearly your epistemological position and theoretical perspective.

Research questions (RQs)
State clearly your research questions and number them as appropriate.

Research methods
Describe the research methods to be used (i.e. the approach taken to research strategy, data collection methods and framework for data analysis/interpretation). Justify your approach to strategy, data collection and data analysis/interpretation by referring back to the initial literature review and research questions. Taking each RQ in turn, show clearly how you will answer it paying particular attention to the process of data analysis/interpretation.

Reflexivity and ethics
In all cases, show consideration of ethical matters (such as harm and confidentiality) and reflexivity. If the project involves direct enagement with people, also state how consent will be agreed and recorded, and protection from harm ensured for all parties.

Research question 1
Re-state the RQ. Describe the data collected or assembled, and analyse/interpret it in response to the RQ.

Research question 2......
Follow same process as with RQ1. (The number of sections here will depend on the number of research questions, usually between 1-3).

List of references
Fully reference the project in the course Harvard style.

Learning review form
Complete the Learning Review Form and send a copy to the University together with the completed final project.

Links to the Course Referencing Guide and the Learning Review Form are available in the online CSU Student Handbook. Coursework will be assessed against the learning outcomes described in the University module specification and postgraduate assessment criteria.