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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are common questions we are asked before students apply to start one of our programmes. If you would like to ask us a question that isn't listed, or would like further information about any of our courses, please use our Contact page.

I haven’t studied for a while or haven’t been to University before. Which course should I enrol on to?

If you haven’t studied for a while you may be advised to enrol on to the Introduction to Counselling 10 week course before progressing on to our BA (Hons) Degree; however some students do feel they have the confidence to apply directly for the BA (Hons) Person-centred Counselling and the Psychotherapeutic Relationship degree.

I have not done any studying for many years. Will I find the course too difficult?

Our students come from a range of backgrounds with a variety of educational and work experiences. The University of Warwick offers excellent, centralised services which are easy to access once you have enrolled as a student. We also provide a number of support services, resources and guidance on study skills at the Centre for Lifelong Learning. Course tutors are available to support individual students with most academic problems.

The degree course is supported through use of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) including online coursework submission, and online handbooks and resource banks.

Are any of the courses available to study via distance learning?

No, we don’t offer any distance learning as yet.

I have done an FE level Counselling skills course. Can I opt out of doing the Introduction to Counselling course and apply for the BA (Hons) Person-centred Counselling and the Psychotherapeutic relationship?

Yes, we don’t necessarily ask for the Introduction to Counselling course or another of the introductory courses run here at Warwick. Some FE colleges offer excellent introductory courses and we would accept them as such.

Can I get help with paying my fees?

Please visit our Start your journey page for more information on funding or have a look at the University Funding your studies pages. With all the recent changes, most people find that they need individual help with student finance because of the complexities involved. The University of Warwick specialist student finance team will offer advice to prospective students.

Will I have to buy lots of books?

No, not necessarily. The University of Warwick library is well stocked, plus we have a small library made up of donations of books, which has grown over the years and students can borrow from that. Further to all of this, students can use reference copies of some of the key texts that we recommend at the Learning Grid, situated in University House. The Learning Grid is an extension of the library, with private study areas, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I have dyslexia, is there any help available?

Yes. The University of Warwick Disability Services will be able to help. Visit the website or ask any member of staff for details.

I would like to enrol onto a course. What do I do next?
Please visit our course pages to find out our to apply:

*Please note: If your country of birth, permanent residence, or nationality is outside of the EU, you will be asked to complete a Fee Status Questionnaire so that your immigration/fee status can be assessed prior to registration for the Degree.