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Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Practice for Person-centred Therapists

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Qualification Advanced Diploma
Qualifications required

Applicants must have completed a Certificate and a Diploma in Counselling with a strong focus on the person-centred approach, and have a minimum of two years post qualifying experience.

Length Ten Wednesdays from 12.45 to 6.30pm, with a Saturday workshop.

Assessment will be by a joint continuous assessment process.

Location Central Campus, University of Warwick
More information

Lynne Downs Programme Co-ordinator, Counselling or 024 7652 8286


30 credits at FHEQ level 6

Fees £750

Course details

In order to work in primary and secondary health care settings, counsellors and psychotherapists are increasingly being asked to provide evidence that they have been trained to use Cognitive Behavioural methods, particularly in short term therapy.

This course is aimed at counsellors and psychotherapists who have trained in the person-centred approach and wish to remain true to their core modality, whilst at the same time developing the ability to draw on methods used in cognitive behavioural therapy to inform their work with clients. Completion of this course may open up wider opportunities for employment in primary and secondary health care settings and other settings where such a qualification is required. This course does not set out to enable therapists to become 'integrative'.

The course aims to enable therapists who are secure in their core modality to extend their knowledge of cognitive behavioural techniques. They will then be able to make an informed choice on the use of these methods within the person-centred relationship.

The course will focus particularly on the philosophy and theory of rational emotive behavioural therapy (REBT) examining differences and similarities with person-centred philosophy and theory.

There will be opportunities to learn about and to practise a range of techniques and methods used in REBT and how these may be used within a relationship based on the six necessary and sufficient conditions for therapeutic growth, in the person-centred approach.

The course tutor will be: 
Dr Jeremy Tudway, Chartered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

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